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Joanne Rollier -  Yoga

Flexibility - Relaxation

Regeneration - Feeling


Joanne Rollier - Meditation

Peace - Clarity

Presence - Openess

Your Teacher

Awarded a diploma in India, I teach Yoga since 2004 for groups and in private. I also teach to companies and privately in homes.

Yoga is a holistic approach to well being

Yoga can be adapted for all age groups as well as for different levels of strength and flexibility. 

Elderly, athletes, healthy persons, people under stress or tired, pregnant women and children.

Yoga at work

Yoga au travail - cours de yoga en entreprise

Share a moment of well-being between colleagues.

I teach yoga at your workplace

during your lunch hour

in the morning from 7am


Group classes

Cours collectifs de Yoga

Attend a collective online class.


Beginner or Intermediate?

Different variants are given

I adapt the class to your rhythm and needs

Private lessons

Cours privés de yoga en privé

Practise Yoga alone, with a friend or family members.

Practising yoga

in your home

in my studio, close to Geneva airport


Benefits of Yoga

Bénéfices en suivant des cours réguliers de Yoga

Attending a Yoga class brings numerous profits on the physical, mental and spiritual plane.



Main benefits of Yoga


Improves your general health

Increases your resistance to diseases

Strengthens the muscular zones that are rarely used and relieves the overstrung muscles

Decreases your tensions and pains related to wounds or to inproper body alignement

Revitalises your body by the stimulation and the harmonisation of the energies

Calms your mind by the attention and the control of your breath.
Improves your concentration and clarifies your mind

Allows you to let go of difficult situations